Matching Hardcovers in a Series

How picky are you about the books you buy? Do you need your books to match?

While I firm believe that all books are good books, I can’t deny that I have my days when I think “man, I’m so glad the books on my shelves match.” Now, I’m not talking about covers. Repackages can be cool too. But if I get the first book in hardcover, I kinda, sorta, might need the rest of the series in hardcover, too. And same goes for paperback. It’s just an #aesthetic, right?!

I know that some people wait until an entire series is published to actually buy the finished copies, but I just can’t see myself waiting that long. I’m impatient. What’s your strategy for stocking your shelves? Do you have any tips?

One thought on “Matching Hardcovers in a Series

  1. Fun question! It depends on the book for me. If I know I’ll be carting it around with me everywhere and getting it banged up, I’ll generally be okay with whatever secondhand copy I can get. A favorite series that’s going to be enshrined on my shelf should be hardcover, preferably illustrated. Sometimes the two desires overlap, resulting in The Lord of the Rings on my shelf from two different editions with the Fellowship irksomely taller than the others.

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