46 Problems Only YA Characters Understand

Life’s tough when you’re a young adult character. Not only do you have to deal with being secretly beautiful, you have all these other things going on too.

1. You just want some affection but whenever you touch people they die.

2. You accidentally became the leader of a rebellion and now you have to take down the government

3. You want to be a normal teen but you’re dead

4. You want to be a normal teen but you can’t stop killing people

5. You keep making bad choices even though the right ones are pretty obvious

6. You started a supernatural love triangle

7. You keep dying and coming back to life

8. People keep calling you the chosen one but you don’t really understand why

9. Your brother is a mass murderer so you can’t bring him anywhere

10. A vampire is stalking you

11. A werewolf found out the vampire was stalking you so he started stalking you too

12. You want to be good but you’re the main character in a retelling about how you became a villain so you don’t have a choice

13. Your hair is too tangled

14. You’re too pretty

15. You’re really just too pretty

16. One of you parents died before the book started to give you a traumatic backstory but it turns out they aren’t actually dead, they’re just super evil and now they’re back and you’re just like ughhh go awayyyyyyy

17. You just met someone but you instantly fell in love with them

18. You really enjoy killing people but everyone keeps saying “whoa stop killing people”

19. You’ve been kidnapped at least seven times in the past week

20. You’re literally allergic to everything, everything

21. A masochistic artificial intelligence system fell in love with you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

22. You were born with wings and every time you meet someone new they’re like “ew, why do you have wings”

23. You’re supposed to kill the king and save your kingdom but you’re falling in love with him instead

24. You’re literally the greatest fighter in all the land until you actually have to fight someone

25. You’re in love with your archenemy

26. The world is ending and it’s sort of your fault

27. You grew up during the apocalypse so you never had running water

28. The most powerful and evil wizard in the world wants you dead really badly

29. A dying janitor gave you magical powers but now you have to look after a hipster

30. You’re a supporting character in a fantasy book so you know you’re probably going to die

31. You just found out you are one of your dad’s experiments (see #16)

32. None of the other vampires take you seriously because you’re too damn sparkly

33. You’re the first ever of your kind so literally no one can relate to you

34. Angels came down to earth but this is YA so they’re all evil

35. Your ex-boyfriend who you thought was dead is back now but you’re dating someone new

36. You woke up in a really confusing maze and now you have to run through it but you’re really out of shape

37. You just want to be loved but you’re an alien so no one believes you exist

38. You’re a robot who has human #feelings

39. You want to change your FB status to “In a relationship” but the manic pixie dream girl you’re dating refuses to use any labels other than “It’s complicated.”

40. You’re super clumsy and keep on literally running into your crush

41. You’re not a redhead so you can’t be the heroine

42. Your best friend is missing and wants you to find them but they left behind clues that are shady af and you srsly do not have time for this crap

43. Running for your life is the only exercise you get

44. The boy you always thought hated you saved your life so now you’re wondering does he like like you

45. He’s sixteen but has a body of a Calvin Klein model. Oh wait, guess that’s not a real problem …

46. You didn’t get a proper education for seven years because Harry Potter went to your school and people kept trying to kill you