Don’t Buy Me A Drink, Buy Me A Book Instead

The cultural norm to show interest in someone by purchasing a coffee in a cafe is widely known. But you know what would be even better than receiving a free drink after you already have one in your hand? Books! Buy me a book you saw me sadly placing back on a shelf in the bookstore, then we can talk!

Does that sound a bit dramatic to you? Pricey maybe? Think about it: buy the $8 book, let her buy the iced coffees, and you two can sit quietly reading somewhere. Followed by honest book reviewing and switching up favorites. What’s not to like?

You can sit back in a comfortable setting and enjoy each other’s company. With those fresh drinks and treats, you can start to relax around one another. In those quiet moments of reading, you can embrace the atmosphere and allow yourself to escape with a partner near by. There’s the wonderful chance to take in how they focus on the page they’re on, and the way their eyes burst with emotion as each word is read. This special moment allows you to see all those subtle details you might miss in a different environment and to break away from the nervousness of conversation. Even if you’re not totally paying attention to your book – at least you can brainstorm conversation topics, right? Either way, this book in your hands could become a great wing man.

How cool would it be to go on an adventure with someone, and get to know each other without actually leaving your seat? There’s a gentleness to this setup that lets you go in any direction you wish. You can have a great discussion and explore the depths of what your books offers. You can playfully communicate or open the floor to an intense but eye opening debate. This type of interaction can take the same amount of time a normal date might take and let you get to know each other even better. There’s so much in this simple act that you can truly appreciate if you give it a chance.

Another great thing about this date setting is there aren’t many awkward moments. You two can sit in silence and read together. You can take breaks, and talk between the page flips. You won’t feel the pressure on what to chat about, and really, the go-to conversation piece is between your hands.

Still not convinced? You already have the key to any holiday gift or a surprise. Better yet, be an even bigger support and read her writing. Maybe it’ll feel like licking candy off your lips, maybe it’s not your favorite flavor, but it will never be as hard as chewing on glass. And you know some feedback and a smile will always bring a smile to her face.

Buy a woman with a book in her hands a novel next time, instead of a coffee. If you are attracted to intelligence, strong conversations, and independence this is the lady you’ll want in your life.