Be The Quirky Character You Love So Much In Books And Films

Admit it: You’re drawn to bizarre characters with quirky personalities and styles.

Patrick in the Perks of Being a Wallflower. Zooey’s Deschanel in 500 Days of Summer. Pretty much every single Wes Anderson character.

You like them because the room immediately lights up when they walk in. Because their style is so recognizable that you’d immediately spot them even in the most crowded Where’s Waldo illustration. Because they’re not scared to wear that vintage dress even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the latest trends.

Their quirks and uniqueness are exactly what make them stand out in your eyes.

So, why don’t you feel the same about yourself? What’s stopping you from being the quirky protagonist of your life?

Whatever it is, forget about it!

If you have something that excites you but that you’ve always put aside for fear of being weird, embrace it. Use it to thrive.

And this trick can make a massive difference across all areas of your life.

Your wardrobe, for example. Drop ever-changing trends and create a smaller selection of pieces that clearly represent your own style.

The places you visit. Scout for hidden gems, walk down the pretty street with cherry blossoms, grab a coffee from that new indie cafe instead of always ending up inside Starbucks.

What about your home? Is it the right background for a quirky protagonist, or is it full of clutter and random stuff? Focus on meaningful items and consider creating some pretty corners that will instantly put you in a good mood whenever you look at them, whether that’s with the help of succulents, polaroid, or fairy lights.

Your relationships and the people you hang out with. Do you always end up scrolling down your social media feeds when you spend yet another evening at the club with them? Then connect with people who’re just as full of unique ideas as you are. Go and discover new places with them. Make memories!

And, finally, embrace this change of mindset. Start being unapologetically authentic. Be memorable!

Make a funny face at the baby who’s smiling at you. Become a regular customer at that independent fruit and veg store. Surprise your friend with a homemade cake.

After all, you’re not just another side character. You’re the quirky protagonist.