Books + Tea

If there is one thing I love as much as I love books, it is tea. There are a few things that get together as well as books and tea. There’s something idyllic about the imagery of being snuggled up with a good book and a steaming mug (and perhaps a few dogs). Is there any combination more delightful than books and tea? I would say no, though I allow for the possibility that there might be someone out there, somewhere, perhaps even two someones (doubtful, but perhaps) who do not enjoy tea. For you, I suggest books and coffee.

Actually, I am tardy to the tea party. I never cared for tea. However, when I got one of those adult jobs that required lots of meetings, I realized how much coffee is a part of the work culture. Since I never liked coffee either, I decided to give hot tea a try.

Suddenly, I could join the cluster around the refreshment table and joke about how I couldn’t function without my steaming cup of brain fuel. I found the perfect combo for me — Earl Grey with chocolate — and began to consume it religiously each morning. Now it’s a ritual of mine and the day doesn’t seem properly started without it.

If you don’t know any bookish tea lovers, I was drinking my daily tea while on Etsy, and I found a tremendous amount of cute merch that combines books and tea. Overwhelmed by the treasure trove I had stumbled on, I selected a few of the best T-shirts, sweatshirts, and tea cups (both for at-home use and for travel), and I present those to you here.

Seriously, though, I know I’m not the only book nerd who feels like an Austen heroine when reading over tea. The gifts on this list are sure to delight all of the sophisticated bibliophiles on your shopping list. Happy gifting!

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Spend time with CS Lewis, Rita Mae Brown, Alice Hoffman, and more as they share their thoughts on the delights and comforts of tea and books on each individually printed tea tag from Novel Teas.

Do you really need anything more? Any bookish tea-lover will appreciate this Suriel Tea Co. t-shirt. Assorted sizes and colors.

Keep your place with this Handstamped Spoon Bookmark

Take a blind date with a book that includes a few stickers, tea, and a bookmark to enjoy while on your date. You can also purchase an annotation kit with your blind date for a discounted price! 

How cute are these Drink Tea and Read Books enamel pins? (That’s rhetorical. They’re obviously too cute to quantify.)

There’s always room for more stickers, especially this I Run on Hot Tea and Books Sticker reminder.

How great is this Suriel Tea Room Glass Mug? So great!

Do you love candles? Me too! This is a sweet and feminine aromatherapy essential oil soy teacup candle.

Trust me, all your tea-drinking, book-loving friends will be ecstatic about any of these gifts. If you want more ideas, make sure to follow my blog for updates!

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